Jashamare Basra or otherwise known as JASH is a British Singer/Songwriter. From an early age JASH was always thought to work hard and value money. While his friends were out having fun on the weekends he would be sleeping early to wake up on a Saturday and Sunday to help his dad with their family business. JASH comes from a family of 2 sisters and 1 brother. Growing up he went to St Johns primary and secondary school in his hometown of Gravesend in Kent. He went on to study Biomedical Science at the University of Kent. His first job was at Hollister Bluewater before moving to a Scientific and Engineering company. It was only 2016 when JASH decided to focus his efforts on a childhood dream of becoming a musician.

JASH gained recognition from his first EP release in 2016 known as Never Ending Night. The leading single Summertime Love of the EP gained a lot of traction across the UK on radios as well as gaining 300k streams on Soundcloud within a few weeks. JASH then went on to release another single Parachute which was signed to a sub label of Sony in Dubai. “Now You’re Gone” another single released in 2017, produced by the duo Empty Pockets who have produced songs for James Arthurs, The Vamps & The Chainsmokers was another success, with BBC network support and radio plays in the UK. Now You’re Gone also climbed to number 7 in the official commercial club charts. JASH also decided to give all the money raised from this single to help those who were affected by the Manchester Terror Attacks. 2018 saw JASH release When hearts collide which featured Mallory Hunter from the USA. 2018 also saw another release by JASH known as Tell Me. In 2019 JASH released 3 singles, 2 of which had an R&B feel, the 3rd called Us Together was a charity single to raise money for Abandoned and Alone Dog Rescue.

JASH did a collaboration in 2017 with an American singer songwriter known as Mallory Hunter. The official music video for this song called “When Hearts Collide” was shot in Paris and the UK. This a long song talking about 2 people falling for each other. “Now You’re Gone” another single released in 2017 was produced by the duo Empty Pockets who have produced songs for James Arthurs, The Vamps & The Chainsmokers. The Song was also co-written by a runner up on the UK voice. The song also had a video which was directed by Jedd Roberts and was filmed in Madrid. JASH has also collaborated with Nick peters on a remix of his first ever single Summertime Love. Tom Ferry another well-known DJ in the United Kingdom remixed JASH’s Now Your Gone which reached number 7 in the commercial Club charts. JASH also collaborated in his music video with a well-known model (Rebecca Yin) for his single “It’s You” which was filmed in Phuket Thailand. Even though she did not have vocals on the song her presence in the music video was clear to see.

JASH has been compared by articles as having a similar vibe to The Weekend as well as Michael Jackson which is no surprise as he has said in many interviews these two artists are his major idols who have influenced his music greatly. However, this has not always been the case as JASH’s first EP “Never Ending Night” was described as having a very tropical pop vibe. The sounds used were like that of Kygo but over the years JASH has tried to diversify with his music and has shown he is not just a one genre artists. He has moved from Pop to experimental R&B and the 2020 EP is expected to be influenced by the synthpop genre.

JASH has stated the process to creating his tracks can differ from track to track, for example Summertime Love he wrote within 45 mins, but he also says there have been times when he has spent hours and only wrote a few lines. He usually bases his song on real life experiences, this could be his own or from people close to him. Once JASH has an idea in mind he usually starts the writing process, once he has a rough idea he will try and sing the lyrics with melodies in mind. After this stage the creation of the instrumental begins.